The Christmas Spirit In Style

The Christmas Spirit In Style




It has been a year like we have never experienced before. There have been some challenges yet blessings in disguise. In life we face several Ebenezer Scrooge like people and situations that may not sit well with us. This year, i am sure, we have had many. As it is Christmas time i think it would be a wise thing to not only remember that it is a time of goodwill, cheer, love, compassion but to reflect and give thanks for all we have and who we have. It should be a way of life all year round.  If this year has taught us anything it is that life can change so quickly and what we know and what we have can be taken away from us.  It is about being grateful for who you are and what you have. Getting clearer on what you want and who is important. What style of life you want to lead, what style of people you want around you and what style of person you want to be.

Re assessing life is a big thing and an important one. As time goes by and we grow and evolve, it is a natural part of life that we do so. Why not act with love and compassion everyday? Why not be who you really are?   Styling in Christmas doesn’t always have to be about clothes, wearing nice shoes to Christmas lunch and it doesn’t always mean being dressed to the nines. Being in style means being true to yourself, your virtues and respecting and being compassionate to others. That is style.  There is no use being dressed in stylish pants, a shirt and beautiful accessories if your attitude is cold, dismissive, rude and disrespectful. Ebenezer attitude should not be applied to life. Love, compassion and generosity should be your style not only at Christmas but also in you everyday life.

When you have a kind and loving nature, this maketh the person. Not the clothes. If you want to complete the outfit (per-say)  then have both. The art of sophistication is in the attitude as well as the suit.  So I hope that this Christmas we all have learnt a new, be thankful for what is and have faith in what will be. Lets make everyday count and let go of attitudes that weight us down. Believe in life and have faith in goodness and kindness. When you radiate this and give it. You will definitely receive it.

Now that is something that is in style.

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