Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung



There is a buz in the air when that first day of a new season comes. When the harshness of the winter is on its way out and the blue skies begin to show up more frequently. It is a new season, new feeling and new way of thinking. We are on our way to summer, more daylight and more time outdoors. Spring is one of my favourite  seasons. Flowers bloom and the sun begins to shine. It is a time for a fresh perspective and coming out of our shells. Personally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally  and professionally. A new attitude, and new outlook and a time where we create a blueprint for how we want to see the end of the year.

It has been a difficult time and that is putting it mildly. However spring gives a sense of renewed hope and courage and dreams that want to be fulfilled. Its a new energy that we feel internally that makes us feel good.  So with that renewed sense of self, it also comes with a new sense of dress. Colours abound! Aqua, yellow and variations of pinks are a beautiful way to start incorporating the feeling of spring to your dress code. Whether it be your tops or your shoes or your scarves.  It is amazing what even a few splashes of colour does to the ensemble. It radiates a feeling of liveliness and happiness. Colour certainly maketh the outfit.

Use this new month and new season for rebirth, hope, dreams and happiness. For gratitude and love and to really go for the things you want. To love and be open to life. Start a new. Let go of the old. Update your thinking as well as your wardrobe. Be aware of your choices. Start wearing colours that bring out the best in you. What is your favourite colour that reminds you of spring?

For example if you have dark hair the light pinks and oranges will accentuate your eyes and skin tone. If you are blonde then pastels mixed with one bolder colour will also help stand out your hair and skin tone.  There are so many ways you can mix and match during these seasons. Have fun with it all and enjoy the process. You can pick a colour everyday to try.

Use spring to your advantage. It is a time to renew, be inspired and dream big.


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