What Happens After You De Clutter

What Happens After You De Clutter


How much can one de clutter without throwing too much and then having to spend to buy new things to replace? Many of us have used this lock down time to make good use of extra time on our hands and cleaned their homes, their closets, gardens and re decorated. It has struck a chord with many and home became the haven we have maybe neglected for some time. Life is busy and this pandemic has become a stark reality and jolted everyone to a halt.

So how do we keep the closet looking organised and clean after we have spent some time, effort and much needed TLC to it? Like most things, such as our rose bushes and gardenias, our savings account and our relationships, we have to keep investing in our closet and dedicate some time and effort to keeping it up to scratch. Like we water our plants we also should make sure that we put things back to where they can from. Whatever shelf you pull something out of that is where it should return. Don’t just throw it on the chair or after washing just leave it on a hook inside it and “get to it later”. Later could mean over the weekend or when I feel like it. Shoes should be put back in its box and under garments in their draws. It is the everyday conscious effort that you put into it that helps and allows that management to stay in tacked. You don’t want to be going back to square one and being in disarray. So dedicate the end of the day perhaps to just maintenance. Keeping organization and cleanliness your goal. You want to know where your things are and not lose or can’t find something when you need it.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your sacred space in the house. Away from kids, gadgets and noise. So keep it as you would other things you love. Up keep can be tricky as everyday life does kick in and it just gets left for later. However by making a commitment to closet cleanliness and de clutter a few times a year or whenever you think it’s time is, is a sure way to having the fabulous closet you have always wanted. There is no one rule. You can change it up any time you want. It is a wonderful feeling in having your personal things all in order. It just takes some time and input from yourself.

So my top tips for closet maintenance is:

-Commit everyday to neaten it up and put things back where you had them.

-Get your clothes ready for the next day and put it to one side so you don’t have to flick through and get things in and out in the morning. Sort it all out before bed. It will save time and confusion.

– Have beautiful scented wardrobe hangers to keep your clothes smelling fresh and crisp.

– Treat your wardrobe as you would an important investment. It is your investment. You. Take pride and look after your things. They will last longer.


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