Styling Up Your Day

Styling Up Your Day

Life as we know it has changed and it may be like that for a while. So as we are now getting used to a new normal for a while, whatever that may mean to us there is no reason that we cannot morph into a butterfly and spread our wings. Lockdown was a great time for re-assessing, going within, working out what we want and what we don’t. It was like a de clutter of every aspect of our life.

So now….time to add some sparkle to our life as we start again. It could be in simple ways in our everyday life. Perhaps you may enjoy more sun in the afternoon if your working from home now.You may not have to rush when getting the groceries. It may be taking more pride when putting on your make up or doing your hair. You may think more about hobbies you never did but now are motivated to start. Styling your day doesn’t always mean fashion. Its about structure, passion, discipline and commitment. A commitment to yourself and to those you love. A happy you impacts those around you. Love and laughter is infectious so regardless of the circumstance i bet we can all find something in our life to laugh about and love about.  So imagine if you took the time to make yourself look nice. Maybe a new colour or a new pair of shoes or a new hair do, accompany that with a nice meal or an afternoon doing that one thing you have put off doing and now you love doing. A hobbie, a craft, or just simple time to yourself. Add some love and laughter. That to me is a recipe for positivity and happiness. Even if things around us are bleak and challenging. There are simple things you can do each day to style up your day. Some extra gloss on your lips or some new direction of going. Whatever it is, it is important to begin with gratitude and love. Take pride in yourself and your life. We all want to try and live the best possible life whilst we can.

I style up my day by not only dressing of a successful day but leaving the home in the same  way i take pride in me. I do the bed. Clean up after using the shower. Breakfast dishes cleaned and put away. That way i come back from the day and walk into a tidy home. Even after a stressful busy day it is nice to walk into your home and feel warmth and ease and a sense of order. Your home is your sacred space so it is important to treat it like one.  Your home can say a lot about yourself so make sure it is aligned with your value system and what you rate as important.

As you style yourself that also implies your home. A organised you is also an organised home. As your home is part of you.

So here is to styling yourself up and moving forward to the new.

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