Styling It Up Whilst In Lockdown

Styling It Up Whilst In Lockdown


It is one of those things that even when your home and not really going anywhere you still feel like looking nice, even occasionally. There is only so much jerseys and track suit pants you can wear. It can start to feel mundane and boring and like ground hog day, which is what many of us are feeling.

So why not make an effort to lift yourself, your mood and the ambience around your home. There are various different ways you can feel happy and content at home. Even though no one is looking and there is no one around to enjoy it with. Except your family that you live with.

Wear your smart casual wear as you would if you were going for a coffee, brunch or out and about for the day. A nice shirt with a blazer or jeans with some active shoes or a long blouse with capri’s. Actually brush your hair and put some make up on. Even if its just some blush, a lip gloss and mascara. It will do the world of good as it makes you feel like you are infact going somewhere and doing your usual things. Try and stay in the mindset that is positive. Take pride in yourself and that which you do. Don’t loose the rhythm of your ways just because we are restricted and going through a difficult time. We are all in the same boat.

If you were a morning exerciser then try and stick to that. Bring the kids if you can and make it a family activity. This pandemic has created a huge upheaval for everyone so its about managing as best you can. It doesn’t mean you have to put away your heels or lipstick. You can still go to the shops and wear them. Why not?…..Corona doesn’t have to take away your style. You may have some nice loafers and ballet flats you could wear at home as to not constantly be living in your uggs!

Change it up. You may also make stylish choices by the lounge wear and sleepwear you have. Now is the time to invest in some great pieces. Cashmere jumpers, knits and satin pj’s are a great way to look good and feel good at home. Make your home wears work for you. Long pants and top to match , even a throw wrap around you. A scarf can work too. This is the time to get creative with your style at home. The more you do that the less mundane and average you will feel. It is a great feeling that we get inside when we are dressed and prepped for the day. There is no reason why that should stop because we are restricted with what is going on around us.

Lighting a nice scent for the home is also a nice way to create ambience and feelings in the home. Feeling uplifted is so important right now as it is such a challenging time for everyone. Little things that you do for yourself and your home can make such a difference. It is so important to not give up and get in a rut. Keep fit, read, engage with your family and don’t give up on yourself. Looking polished at home is a great foundation to have and can set you up for the day and the way you do things post pandemic. You dont have to go overboard but get some of those nice clothes and style them with a touch of casual. You will be amazed how good it feels and how good you can look at home.

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