The Promise Of A New Day

The Promise Of A New Day

In these trying times it is hard to keep your head above water and stay positive. Yet having unwavering faith is the most important thing we can do. It is about not worrying about the future and what we can’t control but having the strength and courage to be grateful for the present. Focusing on what we have and not what we don’t can also help clam the anxiety and fear of what may happen next. With all the doom that is on television it is important to do things that bring you joy. Watch something funny and light hearted can be a great diversion to just shutting out the current circumstances. Being with the ones you love. Investing in your time at home and making it special can be a great tool in bringing out the best in you and your family too. With all the negativity that has engulfed the world it is so vital that we keep our health in check. Our happiness, health and life is the most important priority. This difficult time has brought out the best in us, and in some of us the worst. The best being humility, compassion, assistance, patience, love, gratitude and peace. To slow down and take time out.  Humanity is the great ruler in all this catastrophe. Appreciation for family, life and other things important are highlighted in times of hardship and loss. This may teach us to be kinder to one another and more understanding.

The worst things we have seen is the bullying, desperation and greed at the supermarkets.  Extremes people have gone to, only thinking of themselves and no consideration of others. That is also what happens when panic and fear set in. It is every man for himself.  I choose to believe that love, faith and  wellness will prevail. That after this war is over that compassion and kindness with triumph over everything. That work, money, generosity and health will restore to former glory and we will dance again. Bigger and better. When the light shines again it will be brighter and we will come out of this different inside. Our spirit will see things in a different way as before. That is what happens after a great dark challenge. We are never the same again. Maybe this was a lesson for the planet and for humanity. Maybe, at the sad expense of such loss we will learn the greatest lesson.

Stay safe and well…  Tomorrow is another day.

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