Fashion Festival Ready

Fashion Festival Ready


It is that time of the year when fashion savvy, creatives and fan’s of style descend onto Melbourne’s city walk ways and our darling Exhibition Buildings to see what the designers and creators of Melbourne and Australia have to offer for this season. Even though it may not be all that we see and capture from New York or Paris but it is our version of it and we do it well.

So what does a lady of style wear to a show herself?….. A few key pieces is maybe all you need to stand out form the crowd. It is a chance for those attending to be an expression of themselves. It is art after all. Some colourful frocks always make a great statement. Some excel in prints. Some with just accessories alone. It is whatever you dare. It may be classy or it may be bold. If your going to see a catwalk there is nothing wrong with wanting to be catwalk ready yourself. Hair, make up and self tanning are all part of the package in order to be seen at runway events. Generally it is fare to say that too much isn’t really the go. Heavy layering of make up and bold eyes and lips make it very drastic and over done. You aren’t going to a drag show you are seeing couture. I would say a skirt or dress to the knee and having a top or layered jacket or a coat would be  a great after 5/ evening attire. A pant suit or a one piece is slimline, elegant and is a statement piece. You don’t need much else. A suit will speak for itself. Some stiletto pumps, a small clutch, some stand out earrings and you are set for a runway show.

Often times the simplest things that are understated say so much. Fashion week is an opportunity for people to be a little daring with their outfits. It is where mixing and matching are tested and also people choose to be more audacious in  their choices as opposed to an average week out on the town. It can be fun. It gives people the opportunity to see new things, see how they are worn, peoples responses to whats on trend and what is available. Idea’s are plenty. It is a great time of the year to express your different palettes in style and diversify in colours and styles that you may not normally choose. There are many industry insiders around during this time and it is always a good idea to check out what they are posting and what they are picking as the best trends around. It is another great platform to see exactly what is hot off the press. Many labels are working so hard to bring Melbourne’s style savvy ladies and gents their newest creations and also hope that it will take off onto mainstream shoppers. It is about giving the Melbourne public something that they would want. Something new and fresh to aspire to want to buy and wear. Also it is about the feeling of what you wear not just the what. You want to feel good wearing it and that is important. You are not just just buying clothes, you are buying the feeling and lifestyle of the embodiment of the outfit.

Enjoy this fashion week and be open to the new and what is on offer this season.


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