Singletons leading up to Valentines Day…..

Singletons leading up to Valentines Day…..

Ahhhh that time of the year that you are either wanting to run and hide and not face That reality or you just suck it up and  go with it. No option really. Once February rolls around and all is back from holidays and festivities it is then that reality kicks in and its another year, the nine to five hustle and bustle and, after the joys of summer fun and maybe flings, reality bites and one is reminded that they are single.  And so what?…. Valentines Day is that one day of the year where love and romance is highlighted. It is rubbed into the faces of singleton’s that couples are loved up and well….their not.

It is that day where lonely hearts yearn for sonnets about having a one true love and having that one special person. Those whom a looking for love are reminded that they are not. Does it have to be this bad?…..No it doesn’t. Love is all around and you don’t require one day to remind you or make you think you are less than just because there isn’t a significant other in your life.

I say love yourself and treat yourself as you would expect your other half would. Why not have a day where you can spoil you and do something you enjoy and love. Go to a spa, go shopping, get your hair done, buy some beautiful flowers and candles. Why wait for a man when you can do it for you. Feeling miserable for something that you cannot change wont make things better. Why would you want to feel down about something like that? It is just one day. I have always looked at Valentines Day from the other perspective. It is about Love. So why not love who you are and show that for yourself? You need to love and give to yourself before you can give to another. Be the best you can be. Love the person you are. Once you start operating from this vibration you attract in the positive love from all areas as that is the frequency your omitting. So just be. Don’t get too caught up in what Valentines day is and the commercial entity it has become.

What can singletons do to get through the Valentines period? How about getting a few of your single friends and hitting the town. Or going to a show/movie? Have a day to yourself to do something that you like? Write a note to yourself and write what you what your future partner to say. Be honest and real. Words are powerful and they go out to the universe. So be and say that which you want to attract. Be proactive in your way of life and being. Don’t focus on the status of being single. Go out there and participate in activities and things that interest you. Be the director of your life. Be present. See Valentine’s day as not a day for loved up couples but for a celebrations of love. All kinds of love. The love of life, what you have, who you are and the love you share with those close to you. That is all that matters. Be proud and love where you are at in your single life. You just never know what can happen when your living your life and loving who you are.

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