Dress To Impress

Dress To Impress



Dressing well and feeling good shouldn’t be this epic conundrum. Yet it can be when it comes to wanting to make a good impression and looking and feeling your best. In particular on a date or first day on the job or in an interview.

So where do you begin. First it depends on where you are going. Is it dinner or a cocktail? Is it lunch or are you going to a show? For a first date impressions are important. It is important to be yourself and just be comfortable and not try too hard. Dressing to boldly could give them the wrong idea yet too many colours may give him sore eyes. It could take the focus off you. You want an understated classy look. Ladies, a nice LBD for the evening never goes out of style and always is a winner. Not too plunging on the  neckline and not too short. It is important to give the best signals and not the wrong ones. If you are wearing something simple you may like to jazz it up with some earrings, shoes and bag to be your statement piece. You want to be remembered and to leave an impression. So why not. A bag and shoes of colour is always a stopper if you are wearing just black or white.

If it is a casual affair then make sure it is smart casual. Something with a little edge. Maybe wear ankle boots and a hat to match or a scarf and loafers. A blazer or trench? Pick an item that is going to be your statement piece then work form there. It is always important to make sure that you feel good about yourself. It can be nerve wrecking. Especially if you have vested emotions. But just remember the great things about you and being who you are will ultimately win in the end. Trying to be something your not never wins. Being yourself will shine through. The other person is in the same boat as you probably so just think that you have nothing to loose by trying. If it is an interview then the same thing applies. They just want to see the real you. Not someone your not. Just be real.

Always be polite and respectful to your feelings and to your values. Be true to yourself. Once you are confident in who you are then all the rest will fall into place. You will know what to wear to be seen, heard and remembered. Dressing for impressing is an expression of you. You are giving the person a piece of you without speaking. Its not just in your confidence. Actions speak louder than words. Its your mannerisms, demeanor and you as a complete package. That is why your confidence in not only yourself but what you wear is equally important. The two go hand in hand.  A movie date can be on a cold Sunday afternoon, so your not going to wear stilettos and a short top. You will bring a nice jacket and scarf and/or dress jeans up with some nice boots and throw a shawl over you. It isn’t difficult. Trying too hard can be obvious so just go easy. You can be stylish in any circumstance your in. Day or night. It is in your confidence and the way you carry yourself.

Most of  all be happy with yourself. The rest will speak for itself.

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