Hopes For The New Year……

Hopes For The New Year……


As the year 2020 rang in and the new decade, new year and new beginnings begun, it allows us all to take a moment and really think about what we want, what we feel and what we want to  manifest in our life. It is a fresh page and it enables us to create a blueprint of what we want 2020 to be like. It is something that occurs every year at this time for many. We all have hopes and dreams and deep seeded wishes. We are determined to make it a better year. To have strength and courage to go for what we want. You have let go of the year that was and have ushered in a new way of thinking and feeling for the new year. A new year is more about starting a fresh and being able to give this year all you have. You want to write and wrongs of last year and make it a better year, for what ever reason. What didn’t get to happen last year that you want this year? Who do you want in your life? What do you want to attract to you that didn’t get to occur last year? What can you do better at? What goals and purpose are you thinking about that your going to reach this year?  It is actually a great way to start creating and making things happen for you. Start with your blueprint. Write it all down and be specific. Dare to dream. A lot can happen in one year so chip away at your dreams.

Having hopes and wishes puts you in a great frame of mind if you stay focused and positive. Things don’t always manifest overnight but with faith and knowing that it can and will happen then you are already ahead of the game. Your vibration and energy that you place on it will most certainly aid your desires in coming to you. Your hopes and dreams for the new year are personal so stay true to you. It is not about anyone else. A new year is like renewed energy. So use that energy wisely. There is no better time to make those changes and start with those goals then now. Procrastination leads no where and most people procrastinate because of fear.  Fear of failure, of letting go and taking chances. The unknown can be scary but as the saying goes life is on the other side of fear. It can come in stages and step by step but it all comes when the timing is right. May the new year bring hope, love, courage and good will. In particular in times of hardship.

Happy New Year. XXX

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