What Does Christmas Mean To You?…..

What Does Christmas Mean To You?…..


This time of the year can mean various things for different people. We say every year that it comes around so quickly. A lot can happen in a year. And it surely does. We can rise up and we can fall down. There are triumphs and heartbreaks. We win things and we can loose them. People come and people can go. We learn, we persevere, we build strength, we make decisions. Hard ones and easy ones. Things happen to alter the course of your life whether we are prepared for it or not. What seems to be ‘just life’ and living ‘the usual, but in 365 days, when you look at it lots of things, even little ones happen. Christmas is a time where not only do we reflect on the year gone by but use this time of family, friends, acquaintances and your close community to come together in love, peace, offerings, giving thanks and just the spirit of goodwill and kindness.

Christmas enhances the goodness and richness that life has to offer. It can be a time of hardship and sadness also as people we love are either far away or no long here with us.  Families are estranged from one another. Stress of relationships or work can make it more intense and difficult. So its balancing the good with the difficult at this time. It is a time to surround yourself with lots of positivity and support, no matter where your at in your life. Its about giving as well as receiving. It isn’t about gifts but offerings of love, togetherness, generosity and kindness. Christmas to me is being able to express my love and gratitude to those who i am close to and whom have come into my life in the year that has past. It is to acknowledge that which has taught me, people, situations and things, and give thanks. Its about letting go of the old to make room for the new. It is sending prayers and love to those who are having difficult times and are challenged and feel alone during this time of the year.

Christmas is about the family you make not always that which you have. It is extending the olive branch to those around you. Making them feel loved and supported. The spirit of Christmas is definitely around and the good does out way the bad. Love does conquer all. It is in good energy, intention and faith that echo’s through and it is shown in many ways. Through smiles, thank you’s at the store, consideration in your everyday going’s on. Seeing lights, hearing carols, Christmas windows as you drive through streets and through the city. It is a magical time of the year.

Christmas is a reminder of unity, faith, love, giving, forgiveness and love. It is praying for another good year and giving thanks for the one just past. Regardless of religious faith. Christmas is about joy and bringing it to others.

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