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Carnival Entertainment



It is always a busy time in the lead up to this very week we are currently in. The Melbourne Cup carnival is a very colourful, busy and vibrant time. It is about events, luncheons, betting, flowers, parties, champagne and lots more. It is that one week of our calendar year that its more about frocks, drinks and togetherness than most weeks. It is when people come out and come alive. It is the spring in the air and the spring in everyone’s step. It is a sporting event that has been a right of passage for many. Women buy fascinator’s and hats well before the spring carnival begins. Preparation is key and women and men do think about it well before. What you wear has become just as important as the race itself.

Celebrities and the who’s who descend to Flemington in November and some much loved people watching occurs. It is a big deal. It awakens the fashion eye. We look and take note of who is wearing what and how they are wearing it. There are always some misses and some very wrong ensembles. But they do make for a good laugh and gossip. It wouldn’t be the races without some bizarre outfits.     Races week is always filled with things to do. It is long and it can get too much. It is always good to pace it. Try to have early nights and pace the drinking. If you have several functions on make sure your not over committing. Especially if you are having early mornings to get to the track. Women have a foot and shoe dilemma without a doubt so always have substitutes in the car and some gel cushions. Always a winner.

Besides all the gliz and the glamour it is wonderful to see a mass of people come together and celebrate. It is making an effort and enjoying what the whole week is about. Having the opportunity to entertain and to meet people who are around you. A social event for certain! The funny thing is seeing everyone so polished and seemingly together in the beginning of the day yet walk out inebriated and jolly. Nursing a sore head is a given for many whom cant control their impulse to drink. Some appear to just be happy as Larry yet some worse for wear. What can one do. It is cup carnival week after all. For those with discipline and restraint, they are able to make it through the whole week with most likely tiredness more than anything. My advise is that after the whole events week is done and dusted have a good soak in the bath or just relax and unwind at home with your favourite movie and dinner. Its the least you can do for your body that have been to event after event, managing to work in between and going from a races day to an after party or lunch and dinner. Whatever the case, some R & R is well deserved. Easing up on the alcohol is always a good idea. The question is can you?…..Spring racing is usually the mark of the spring/summer festive calendar so it is always good to be wise and check in with yourself. Indulging in all manners can leave you tired by the new year! So enjoy what is left of this amazing week. Until the next one.



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