Wardrobe Do’s And Dont’s

Wardrobe Do’s And Dont’s


It varies for many but usually there is an unspoken rule that we all try to keep but with days going so fast we tend to forget. Keeping your closet in order. Spending the time to sort and keep it all nice and neat. So with a few basic do’s and do not’s  your closet doesn’t have to look like a swamp and make you dread going in there. Leaving clothes on a chair or when you walk in just thrown to the side is a no no. It is hard not to when your in a hurry and going from A to B with the ‘ill do it tomorrow or later’ thought. But if you can even save the last 10 minutes before bed just putting things away, even somewhat neatly, it makes a huge difference to the ambience and the look of your personal space. Put jackets back in the rightful place. Shoes back in their box and put that which is due for washing in the basket. Clear your bedroom area so you avoid clutter and mess. Put shirts on a hanger to save creasing and looking like its come out of the spin cycle. If you do this even most nights you save a bigger job to do on the weekends and you have more free time!

Do try to have a systematic way of putting your clothes away. For example shirts on one side and work shirts on the other. That way your not sifting through in the morning when you have no time. Black pants for day on the one hanger and evening pants on another. It is easy to decipher when things are in order. It gives clarity rather than you trying to find where you have put things. It is also good if you could have shoes in boxes rather than on display but that is a personal thing. If you can put your shoes in the cloth bags provided when you purchase shoes it keeps it neat and away from dust particles. Keep your closet as a priority place of neatness. Do take pride in the way your valuables are kept and if you can manage, keep things in the boxes they came from. When your in a hurry the last thing you want is to go frantic trying to find a piece of jewellery or a scarf. Keep accessories in one section. It is small tricks and up-keeping that make all the difference. Your closet upkeep can say a lot about a person. Knowing that time is a huge factor in peoples life doing things incrementally rather than letting clothes pile up and leaving things out lying around makes a difference. Are you are scatty person and always on the run? Do you stop and smell the roses? Is home important to you? Do you take pride in yourself? This can also reflect the way you live.

A little everyday and making it a ritual will allow you to walk into your space with admiration not dread that you have so much to clean up. Your closet is where you keep the things you wear and things that have meaning so respect it and give it the time it deserves. Wardrobe cleansing is something that should be attended to a few times a year. Just as you would service your car or do some landscaping in the yard, wardrobe cleansing is clearing things that no longer serve and no longer are used. You may even forgotten some things you have bought. Do you need them? Do you wear them? Its not a great effort if you keep your closet clean as you go through the year.

Make your closet your favorite space. You will be happy you did.



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