Dressing For Events

Dressing For Events



It is now that time of the year. When the exit of the winter and the unpredictability of the spring is well with us. The calendar is beginning to look like scribble as you pencil in all the activities you are going to in the lead up to Christmas. The silly season is beckoning. We have arrived. So how does a Dame arrange herself so she knows what to wear for what. Firstly it is down to organisation and preparation so it may be worth while sitting down one night and taking note of the types of events your going to and where the location is.

Then the attire. Race wear is always an easy one in the sense that you already know that black and white are traditional for Derby Day and colours and prints for the other days. If you are going to the races planning now is key. The earlier is better so you are not flustered two to three days before. Hats and fascinators can be reused so that will save time and money. Use what you already have. Footwear. A big important factor in outfit preparing this much is true. Mid heel is best and a little easier on the back than a stiletto. Especially for long days like the races. So you can deduce whether its a long day or a shorter time at the event. Try and find out before hand if the place you are at has enough seating. Try and divided your time between sitting and mingling. This is a good idea in any social gathering. It really can elevate the pain and keep it at bay. If you are going from A to B bring a change of footwear in the car. You may also need to change the coat or jacket you are wearing dependent on where you are going. Again, organisation is key.

Try hanging your outfits and the shoes your wanting to wear in a spare room at home. That way they are there already in full view. You can just grab it without having to ponder and think if its wrong or if it should go with something else. Having it in view is always beneficial as you can picture what accessories will go with it. From ladies lunches to cocktail events you can always wear similar attire just change it up with your shoes, accessories and bags. This is the time of year where colour is rife. So don’t be afraid to wear your brighter hues. Mix your pink with your red. Or your jade green and your pink. Your yellow and your purple. See what looks good on your skin. Spending a day to yourself just trying and experimenting with your clothes in your wardrobe is not only fun and a great ‘girl time’ thing to do but you also get a chance to get to know what you can wear and what doesn’t look great together. Trail and error and gaining some clarity in your closet goes a long way and you avoid being stuck when getting ready for events.

Dressing for the silly season should be fun not frantic. Invest the time, prepare early and if you get the chance shop for what you need.

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