Being Fashion Forward

Being Fashion Forward


The world of fashion is vast and wide. It is such a monumental industry in the sense of there are many facets of the design business. Patterns, fabric sourcing, financials, PR, media, employees, tailors..the list goes on. It  is very much a team effort and to bring a collection to a runway and to get buyers for your line is one of the most important things for a designer. It is a creatives dream to have his/her work accepted and applauded. It is a rough industry with very much a competitive edge. Having your work celebrated and revered is a highlight indeed and it also means ones hard work is paying off. Bringing a new line to the fold twice a year is by no means an easy feat yet designers do it year in year out. It is for the love and passion of design or art and for the dream. It pushes the envelope for a creative and allows them to expand and unearth new and exciting ways to bring a dream and an idea to fruition. It is about taking chances and being savvy. Bringing the step forward and creating trends for the future.  Thinking outside the box whilst maintaining one’s personal ethos for the brand. It is about where your wanting to take the business and where you can expand. Fashion is lots of things. Wearing a garment is actually the end point. There is much that has transpired before it gets to be on the customer. Every designer has his and her way of creating. You have free reign on the how and the whats and it is an ongoing process for them. Ethical and sustainable clothing is huge and has become a fundamental topic for all. Very important for the industry to adhere to the respectable ethics of sourcing and manufacturing. Quality control and handling budgets that support this is something that should be an integral part of design. Not just for those whom make that clothing but for the consumer also.

Fashion is an exciting and dynamic industry and is constantly evolving and expanding. It is always interesting to see what happens and what we get to see as consumers in this fast paced world. It has become a game changer due to the digital e – commerce way of buying and selling. Shopping isn’t what it used to be. You get things delivered at all corners of the world and time or day of the year. What was just on a runway can be yours at the touch of a button or readily available to you at the store virtually not long after a runway show. It makes me wonder…..How does it retain exclusivity? Does it? Perhaps of some very high end luxury labels yes  but does it for others?

Regardless it still makes for exciting and enjoyable shopping experiences and show stopping runway shows. Fashion will always keep moving forward with the times. It is a ball of change and discovery. Much to our delight.

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