Mastani Woman

Mastani Woman

It was with pleasure to be able to attend the launch of Mastani’s new  season range. With ethical and sustainable fashion being at the forefront  of  creations, it is without surprise that the founder of Mastani Designs Kudrat Makkar used this ethos to bring to life her dream of designing. It was bringing something unique to her clients. It was not only about style but it was about bringing fabrics and traditional techniques to the Mastani woman. The intricacy and meticulous detail to each garment that brings culture, history and craftsmanship all woven in together. This is what makes her designs different from the rest. The textures  of the fabrics, all sourced from her native India, are a mix  of history and contemporary designs. Hand looming is a technique still used in India. It is a process which is all done by hand to weave cloth and tapestry. Looming  machines can be used to facilitate the interweaving of the threads and can take up to 15 days to finish one item. This is why the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship is evident when you pick up a Mastani design. The intertwining of past and present is obvious in her work. When you  wear something from Mastani you are not only wearing a beautiful garment but you are wearing something rich in history. A story. Mastani’s marriage of textures and designs works well and it brings modern femininity and chic together. It’s a soft feminine look that also says empowerment. Something that women want. Not only to feel it but wear it.

Investing in some key statement pieces is always key. Kudrant speaks of fashion being for keeps. Having key pieces that you can have for years to come and you can wear again and again as time goes on. Some things never go out of style. To her, service is important and so is tailoring to each individual. They make to measure and that is important  to give each woman that attention to detail.

Mastani is  currently at the fashionable High Street Armadale district and there are plans for more boutiques in the future

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