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The name alone congers up notions of luxury, nobility, class and history. Not to mention scents that heighten your sensory organ.

Agence De Parfum take their clients on not only on a receptive journey that makes them feel good, smell like no one else and allow them to be part of a small esteemed group of people that have the pleasure of owning some remarkable elixirs. A niche market is just that. A selected, targeted market that have access to a particular brand not available to the mass market. It is having something not all can have. Brands that are highly regarded, exclusive and have a rich regal history behind them. When you buy from Agence de Parfum you are buying a piece of history. A scent that tells a story. A feeling that accompanies a journey.

What started as a passion 12 years ago grew into a successful business for Nick Smart who was a practicing lawyer at the time. Already having experience in the beauty industry from his early years, he met Lucy Borland at a trade fair and with her long standing knowledge in wholesaling and in skin care and beauty they teamed up to be the duo behind Agence De Parfum. It wasn’t just about selling. It was the way they bring perfume to the client. Having perfume masterclasses and seminars and show casing their latest offerings in exclusive boutiques is the way they capture their clientele. No other perfume business was doing that at the time so it was a wonderful way to give the client the personalised touch. Much to the delight of customers and them! It was allowing those who wanted to be a part of the luxury market a chance to have sometime very rare and timeless.

It is all about the journey, the story, the vision and the one on one connection that completes the process. It is about knowing what you’re buying and about the stringent sourcing from the finest and highly experienced perfumer in France. “Perfume is the ultimate accessory” says Lucy. It is the last thing you put on before you walk out the door. Perfume has been understated but it is actually one of the most important accessories as it ignites your sensory organ. It is not visual it is felt. Nick and Lucy travel to France often and it is there where Nick deals with the most discerning of perfume makers. Many of them whose families are still at the helm of the business after many generations. It takes 7 years to become a specialised perfumer so it’s a very intricate and tailored labour. There are many stringent criteria to oversee before Nick has exclusive rights to stock and distribute in Australia. Some labels that is available from Agence De  Parfum are Creed, Amouge, Cire Trudon, Costume Nationale, L’Artisian, BDK and Lubin to name a few. These are among the most revered perfumes among the French elite with some having history dating back to the Napoleon rule and Louis XIV Royal Court.

The reason why Agence De Parfum has continued being a respected and valued fragrance company is because they have managed to keep their exclusivity, and held their business ethos in high regard. It is capturing the essence of the origin and craftsmanship. The investment your making is in the elixir itself and what it represents. Brands that stand the test of time. It’s about educating the customer about what they are sensing and why. You get the whole package. It evokes feelings and memories. Perfume becomes personal. It captures moments in time. You essential are buying a story and making it your own.  Agence De Parfum prides itself in giving its specialised market something special. Nothing they stock is mass marketed. It has succeeded in bringing this level of luxury to Australia.  The luxury market makes up over 20% of the whole retail industry so why not smell like luxury too? Nick and Lucy continue to expand and develop their highly admired and sort after brands as well as introducing new items to the fold. They ensure that their clientele get the best quality perfumes direct from the most esteemed perfume houses France has to offer.  The main store is based in Sydney however there are various high end boutiques in Melbourne that stock the best Agence De Parfum has to offer. A small Melbourne outlet is also now on the cards.


Agence De Parfum

1-3 Taylor St

Darlinghurst  NSW 2010



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