A Summer Escape In The Winter

A Summer Escape In The Winter


The southern hemisphere is now in the grips of winter. That we know for a fact. So in true style many have already planned  to escape to the northern hemisphere where they are in the midst of summer. A mass exudes descend to the international section of the airport as millions jet off and leave the winter chill behind for much warmer pastures. So how does one pack for a European vacation. Travel ‘light’ as we have heard time and time again and bring your bare essentials. It will get you by. We all know there is a weight limit so try as much as possible to leave with half a suit case full or three quarters full. Never pack things to the brim. Not only is it luggage you have to bare whilst going around but you will no doubt be buying things on your trip. Hard for many women I know but bring just a few of everything. That way you have room for more in your travels. Folding things neatly and laying them down one by one, rolling tops and cardigan and putting them in one section allows more space. Shoes should be limited to three or four maximum. Luckily flat sandals, espadrilles and wedges don’t  take too much room and you can slot them in to your other sections of your luggage.

Make up and toiletries should also be kept at a minimum if you can. Heavy make up isn’t warranted in countries where the mercury gets to 40 degrees. Bronzer, lipstick, mascara and blush should be your staple. Bring just your personal toiletries. Unless your in a desert you can buy your other essentials at your destination. Convenient stores and supermarkets are everywhere. You wont go without. This also helps with space and weight in your luggage.  Bikinis and sarongs should only really be two of each. Swapping and changing between your destinations. Traveling to European means you arrive white whilst all others of that area are already beautifully tanned.  Bring a gradual tanning moisturizer or self tanning spray to start you off until you have built your tan.

July and August are your peak months of travel. Its  a great way to break up the year and get some well deserved R&R. Seeing the beauty, recharging the batteries and appreciating where you are. Your energy changes and so does your thought process. Seeing the luxury of where other places can offer. Getting away from the mundane and rituals of life. Shopping is another thing that pulls many to go overseas. It gives us what we lack here and more. Europe boasts some of the most influential and iconic cities known for fashion. It is natural to want to see the latest and greatest of style that you most likely wont find at home. Mecca of fashion is Europe for millions of people. It is the cherry on the cake of holidays.

The key things to remember are to pack as light as possible. have all your important documents and information in a passport wallet or carry purse. Have only a few small bags with you. You don’t need a lot when your traveling. One for everyday and a few for the evening. Small, don’t take up room and are easy to hold and have with you. Keep toiletries and make up to as less as you can. There are many things you can buy at your destination. Just your personal ones are needed.  And please please ladies, stick to three maximum four pairs of shoes… trust me you will buy shoes while your away.

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