Decluttering Your Life

Decluttering Your Life


Amazing things happen when you start to get order and some discipline in your life. When you begin to say no instead of yes. When you get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a while and things that are old and not really serving purpose anymore. Apparel that once looked good at the time but don’t anymore. When you make the decision to cut and release and clean up it opens your heart, your soul and its like a weight has been lifted.

It happens many times in life. It is important to check in every now and then and do a clean out. Making a list of all things in life that you want and don’t want. What stresses you, what is toxic, what is helpful, what is loving, what is difficult. It is all things in life. People, places, circumstances and things. When you restore some sort of order in your life you make space for the new and exciting to come in to your life. It starts with the most simplest of things. Like cleaning our your closet. Doing an inventory of the things you like and don’t. Things that have been there for a while and the things that are outdated. Is there something you cant let go of ?

Make your bed in the morning , change the duvet covers every once and a while. When you refresh your room you refresh your life. You bedroom is your sacred space. Its your intimate setting. It is important to start there and the rest will follow. Nurture yourself by nurturing your surroundings first . This actually makes you feel good automatically. How good does it feel when you walk in your home and its all in order and clean and everything has its place?  You feel at ease, happy, you know things have a place and  you feel like you have achieved  the tasks of the day. Once you start this form of self management it becomes a ritual. Thus attracting in positive people, things, circumstance and feelings in your life. It is important to change things up and surrender things that are weighing you down or not allowing you to progress. It isn’t just about a jumper you’ve had in  the closet for the last nine years.  What else is keeping you? Even though it might seem  daunting to do  it actually  can be fun. You have to let go of the old in order for the new to make its way. That goes for even a different way of thinking. Something so small can actually make a big difference. It is always important to make your space work for you and to be happy in your surroundings. So never neglect time for your sacred space. Your closet is actually a reflection of your mood, your taste, your style and how you like things to be. So don’t see it as a chore. See it as a ‘me time’ activity. Then maybe you can use these principals for other areas of your life. You will be amazed at the results.


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