Styling Your Life Not Just Your Clothes

Styling Your Life Not Just Your Clothes



What goes on inside reflects on the outside and vise versa. It is important that as a whole package we look and feel good too. It is complete . We can’t really have one without the other. If we do, it is usually imbalanced some how. Having an eye for style is one thing but the mood your in and how you feel plays a role. You may not want to put your heels on and a dress when your not  feeling great or going through a hard time. Stress, grieving, dealing with difficulties at work. Whatever it may be this effects your feelings and your style. As fashion evolves so do you  and as we grow and mature we learn what we like and don’t like. What once suited you may no longer serve you. This goes with all things in life. People, things, activities, behaviors, jobs and relationships. As we overhaul our wardrobes we overhaul our lives. When you are re vamping your closet it in part is cleansing and cathartic as it reflects our lives also. It is good for the mind and spirit. You style your life and get clear on what you want, what things you need to change within you and what needs to be done to make this difference .This is a way that your mapping out your life. In all areas. As this occurs it paves the way for your direction.

You style accompanies that almost effortlessly depending on how clear you are about yourself. Your professional attire can change from corporate to creative with just a few minor tweaks.  From a change of heels to flats, from a button shirt to a loose fitting off the shoulder look. Not hard but very adaptable. Change doesn’t have to be epic or hard.  Your style reflects your revolution as a person. You may toss between playful to conservative depending on your mood, the occasion and where you are at in that point in time. Accepting yourself is so important. Accepting where  you have been. The good times and bad and allowing the flow of life and what you will become.

Trends do this also. Creatives have the knack to explore, take chances, and create clothes to capture emotion, attention and evoke an ‘inner something’ to those who see their work and wear it.  When you begin to style your life you will find that it is like a natural process that it all evolves within you as the outer. The outer is a layer of how you are perceived by others. This can change as you grow mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. We aren’t meant to stay the same. Life wants us to grow and develop in life. Trends in fashion do this  for us. Out with the old and in with the new . Wardrobes and life. Life is a mirror. How we think and feel and speak is reflected back. Your style does also. Think of this when you look in the mirror. It is fundamentally linked and it is part of how we function. A change is as good as a holiday as we have heard so get that new hair style and colour and that new outfit. Something like a new look can do wonders for the confidence and esteem .

Make sure  your relationship with yourself comes before anything else. Love who you are and make peace with your life thus far. Look forward and be confident in you. The clothes will wear you and it will all align.

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