Being in The Moment Means So Much

Being in The Moment Means So Much


It is very simple yet it can be difficult to manage and do. Being present means no past or future just here now. The past is gone and we cant go back. The future is still out there. You  can’t see it or touch it yet. It is anticipated. So you only have now. With so much happening in our lives it is vital to our mind and soul to just embrace the moment that we are in. A lot of times we are all on autopilot, thinking about what needs to be done, where we have to go, what we don’t have, what we want and mostly we have stress about our jobs, relationships and what we are yet to attain in this life. Being present is taking note of all that is around you and all that is happening exactly where you are.  Whether you are painting by the river or having dinner with friends. It allows you to partake in the activity and be aware of your surroundings, who you are with and what you are doing. By doing this you become grateful, at ease and you appreciate all that you have at that point in time.

You don’t worry about the past and you don’t think about the future . You are happy just where you are at. Even if there are difficulties in your life at that time. When you are in the present you are giving yourself the gift of presence and peace. You are living in the now rather than your mind being consumed with circumstance and worry. The more of this you do and the more it becomes a ritual the more you engage in your life. Time passes very quickly so its important to honour yourself in that moment. You can’t foresee the future or how things are going to work. Faith is your best friend here. The past is behind you so have to step forward as going back only keeps you stuck. It is about embracing the now, being grateful and keep on keeping on. No one said life would be easy. In many instances it is and life is going great. But with that comes also the tough times. Grief, losses, betrayal, hardship, illness, relationship woes and the everyday goings on.

Regardless of circumstance be grateful of the moment you are in and where you are at. It is where you are meant to be right now. The universe works in mysterious ways. Trust in it more. Even if you  don’t understand it and the process. Be in your moment. When you capture each  moment you will be living all of it. You don’t want to miss out on your life. Its precious.

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