When Little Things Can Mean So Much

When Little Things Can Mean So Much




It is said that the simple things in life are often the best. And we have heard also that the best things in life are free. For it is in the every day little things that can make a big difference to one’s life, feelings and overall well being. It can be a smile, a hello, someone giving you their ticket for parking, a call from a friend just because. There are so many things that help our day be brighter and give it more meaning.

A simple gesture and random act of kindness can mean so much to the other person. Regardless of how our day is progressing, if we try as much as possible to come from a space of love and kindness then it can spread ten fold. For you could be actually making someones day. Life is so busy that we don’t often realize or wonder what the other person is going through or feeling. So just being kind can mean so much.  There are many time that we take for granted the simple things because we focus all too much on the major things that consume us.

It is worth stopping and taking notice of whats around you from time to time. It is always nice when someone has done something for you that made you feel good. Holding the elevator door, smiling at you and greeting you. Someone paying you a complement or someone asks you to join them for an occasion. The list goes on. It doesn’t  cost anything to be kind. How good does it feel when your having a hard time or a really bad day and the barista smiles and talks to you or you bump into an acquaintance and they make you laugh. It feels good and it is like someone is injecting you some of their happiness. Happiness and laughter is contagious. It is positive energy an it is uplifting. Something we all require more of these days. Especially if the chips are down. It is always important to be grateful. This is so important especially in difficult times. For with gratitude it make you realize when you have, how far you have come and gives you focus on where you want to be and how you want to feel. So everyday make a commitment to be grateful. List the things you are lucky for and add to this investment as time goes on. This brings a sense of peace and contentment in the present moment.

So when it comes to love. Spread more of it. Give it even though you are wishing someone will give it back to you. Give it freely and without any expectation. It is ok to love. Even if you may not get it from a particular person but you are getting it from every other way. Family, friends, acquaintances, pets, esteemed colleagues, your source and loving yourself. This is the most crucial one of all. When you give you most definitely receive. Love is pure energy. So a simple gesture, an act of love, can go a long way for another person. A call from a friend, person of interest or a neighbor just  to say hi and to have a laugh over the phone can do wonders. The simple things are the best. You cant put a price on it. It is just a thought. A deed that can spread your magic.


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