How High End Can Be Couture

How High End Can Be Couture


There are different parameters of what fashion can do and how it can make you feel. It is all about the emotion. Its not about how many bags you have or how many shoes. Its the feeling it evokes when you have them and wear them. It is not about excess but feeling. It goes for the opulent to the mainstream to the casual. Couture is there to take our breath away and give us that heightened state of ‘wow’. It takes us away from our norm and into a dream. That is the aim of a couture designer. Seeing those outfits on a runway or in a magazine can sweep us off our feet and into the fantasy life of a couture woman. That sense of exclusivity and opulence. It moves us emotionally and allows you into the fantasy story that is created by the visionary designer. It is  inviting and it wants you to be a part of it. If only for that moment.

High Street wear is the platform of design just a step down from high end. It is far less pricey and more reachable. There are ways in which you can work high st wear to make it look couture. You can look and feel high end without the price tag. It is about knowing how to put it and how to carry it that will give you the couture Je Ne Sais Quoi. Knowing your body is first and foremost.  A lot of women try to squeeze themselves into dresses and sizes that they have no business trying. Always dress for your shape and size. When you do that clothing will look flattering and chic. Rather than uncomfortable and misplaced. Being comfortable in your own skin and owing it is the first step in dressing high end like. Your more likely to make the right choices if you just love your body. With this is knowing what to accentuate and what to minimize. What colours suit you. For  example   if you are fair skin and light wearing yellow or white or nudes may make you  look bland and washed out. A bolder and darker hue will stand and take the focus off your white skin. Mixing colours and knowing what colour goes with what is important. A darker Mediterranean skin tone with pastels and bright colours like pink fuchsia and turquoise go well. Also nudes and whites. Things don’t have to be elaborate and lavish to be classy, feminine and elegant. Sometimes the most simple things can be made to look so polished and so chic. Couture give us the opportunity to see fashion tailoring at its best and finest. Once you get the understanding you can carry if off for yourself. So if you can’t be them them join them. High Street wear can be a multi faceted form. You can be chic in casual day wear, the coastal beach look, evening wear and cocktail hour. You can  pull this off effortlessly and have the ‘couture’ attitude. Be your own couture designer. Wear your clothes with passion and carry them with finesse. This extends to accessories. These can maketh or breaketh the outfit. Most of the time less is more. So see what you want to stand out and make that your focus. For example a thin necklace for a plain LBD and perhaps larger earrings. Coloured large bag and small belt to accentuate your waist. Allow high street to create your look no matter what the the occasion.  Take some cue’s from magazines and runway shows. Its  by picking up their ways that you can create your own and get a rhythm for styling.

So be couture by feeling it, working it and wearing your apparel that allows you to be not only who you are but the very best version of yourself.

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