All I Want For Christmas…..

All I Want For Christmas…..





As the eve of  Christmas is here it can bring up many feelings and thoughts for many people. As Christmas is a season of cheer, goodwill, love and giving, it also can be very hard for many people. Many have loved ones missing, are going through a difficult challenging time and families aren’t all that united. Many are estranged or away. So it is important to remember that even though it may not be the Christmas and the happiness that we all see on television and in movies and books but it can be if we give gratitude and thanks to the moment and to the people that are in our lives at this time. It may not be how you want it to be. But it is how it is at this moment. So give thanks anyway. Christmas is a time of reflection and contemplation. We have made it to another year. So it is time to celebrate it. We do make wishes and have an internal desire of hopes and dreams. Ones that we want to come true. We think, we feel and some of us pray.

As we sit down to Christmas lunch not only do we hope that this year family Christmas doesn’t turn into an episode of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation but you want it to be a fun, enjoyable and a special moment with loved ones. You hope any angst and stress in the lead up to Christmas has subsided so all can enjoy. You hope family feud’s can be put aside for one day of compassion and coming together. Christmas can bring out the best in people or the worst. As you sit at the table filled with all that lovely food stop and remember the most important things in life. It is love, health, joy and forgiveness. You make peace with things that haven’t transpired as you wanted them too. With words that have been spoken that have hurt you. Words that haven’t been said. Moments that have passed by that you can’t get back. You forgive those who haven’t treated you right. Its the time to let go. It’s the time to appreciate what you have. You give thanks for the love and friendships you do have. You celebrate life and all the things that bring you meaning. Christmas is about goodwill. You extend and olive branch to those who are doing it tough and don’t have what you do. You say a prayer for those who are lonely, sad, sick and helpless.

Christmas is a time to let it all go. Worry, anger, disconnect, frustration, hostility and hate. It is a time to come together and let love and peace in. If anything, for that moment. It isn’t all about material gifts but it is the gift of connecting, sharing, being together and showing gratitude and compassion.

All i want for Christmas is to keep being grateful and that all i do and am comes from love. Regardless of what or who, keep being in a place of love. I wish for health and happiness to all those i know and love. May the spirit of Christmas be all throughout the year.


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