In Style For Christmas

In Style For Christmas



That time of the year has come around so quickly. They hype and the craziness begins along with the over booked calendars of catch ups, Christmas parties and of course shopping. How do you shop for Christmas without going a little mad and getting confused?

As hard as it sounds you have to plan early. Easier said than done for many i am sure. Try writing your ideas of the gifts and things you need to get rather than leaving things to the last second and getting frazzled. This will save the confusion and disappointment and you walking around for hours. Try to pick a time or day and do it all at once. This way you get it over and done with and you save time, energy, stress and lots of traffic. The earlier on in the day you can get to a shopping center or into the city the better. Less fluster, easier to park and there is a sense of calm as its quieter. People’s stress levels go up just by looking at crowds and chaotic areas and people pushing and shoving.

Wear comfortable clothing. You may be carrying several bags around so dress to shop not to impress. Flats, wedges, ballet shoes are a great shoe style that will get you by and come in many colours so you cant go wrong with mixing and matching. Make sure your handbag has a long strap if possible. You can carry it across one shoulder or have crossed over to the other side if need be. You may be carrying your bag for hours so make sure its light and has just your essentials. It has to be easy, versatile and not heavy. Remember you are Christmas shopping so you need two free hands as much as possible. Lightweight and shoulder strap is a good idea. Try and keep an eye on the time. When you are in a departments store or in a mall or city it can be very easy to lose track of time when your train of thought is elsewhere. Whether you stop of coffee or lunch check your watch and have an idea of time. You can easily take the whole day so make a point to check. Especially if you have other places to be. Get what you need and then go. Move on to the other things. A lot of people are delayed and are late to other commitments because they have taken the entire time shopping. This can cause stress and that is something we all want to try and minimize during this period.

Christmas is full of sales too so its important to keep an eye on the credit card. Pay attention to expenses  and keep a budget. As hard as it is not to get carried away in the moment but credit card debit is a big no no during the festive season. Keep things in order and don’t get carried away. You will just regret it come January when your statement comes. Wear clothes that aren’t restrictive. Comfort is key. Christmas requires patience. Be courteous to others. Be patient in lines, in a carpark and whilst walking in a busy mall or store. Everyone is in the same boat. Christmas is stressful for a lot of people and many are time poor and leave things to last minute. Hence the panic and rush. Show compassion and kindness. It is the time to spread good cheer after all. That is something that will always be in style.

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