What Happens When You Accept?…..

What Happens When You Accept?…..

Acceptance is something that we all encounter every part of our daily lives. Acceptance might not be something you like or understand or want at times. But it is necessary to the flow of life. Acceptance is the knowledge and the embracing of what has happened or is at that time. Acceptance of a situation or a person or a relationship dynamic. Acknowledgment accompanies acceptance. You are surrendering to the things you cannot change. Be it a situation or persons. Acceptance isn’t always an easy thing. When emotions and investing is involved it may be hard to let go. Sometimes we want things so badly and we want them to turn out the way we want ,that when it isn’t what we think it is, it brings us into a state of stress and anxiety. It sends us into a emotional frenzy. This is us reacting not flowing with life. We know that what is meant to be will be. But accepting the status quo is where the frustration lies. We have an idea and a dream in our mind of how it is supposed to play. Yet when reality doesn’t match the ideal story in our mind its is where all the negative emotions being. Things don’t always go according to our plan. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It is the way in which we accept and react and take in the situation that says a lot about the point we are at emotional, mentally, spiritually in life.

When you accept a less than favorable situation that has transpired in your life it is not that you have succumb to defeat as such but in accepting what is you are letting go and releasing any connection to it emotionally and spiritually. You are dis-associating yourself from it.   It is about being kind to yourself and saying things like ‘Ok, well this is the situation now. How can i move on and deal with the outcome in a way that is positive for me? What new changes do i have to make?What can i learn from this?  It is about acknowledging that you cant change what is but you can certainly let go and open yourself up to the new what is. It is about being present in the moment you have and learning another way to be. It is about using this change or bump in the road or detour you didn’t expect in your life and navigating through it. Just remember if you weren’t meant to be on a new chapter or new detour you wouldn’t be so it means that it was meant to be!

The better one is at accepting the more you will flow through life in a more positive way and deal with life’s bumps a little smoother. It is freeing you from worry, stress, anxiety and emotional attachment.  You can’t change a person. They have to want to change themselves. Accepting this is imperative. People are how they are. Never let the way something is at present taint your future and what you want. Live, just be and let things unfold before you. You can only be who you are and do what you want to do. You can’t mold people into a situation and you can’t force something to be the way you want it to be. That means your playing with universal laws. Acceptance is letting go of fear, of controlling. Things have a way of working out for the better if you just operate from this level of being.  Acceptance is a virtue.

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