In Your Comfort Zone

In Your Comfort Zone






There are many things that we are used to in terms of our habitat  and what we like and don’t like that form the bases of our comfort zone. The way we like things to be and all things which has its place in our life. Comfort makes us feel safe it is like a barrier that protects us from things we don’t know or haven’t experienced or too scared to try. It is fear too that keeps us in the comfort zone as the unknown is scary to people as no one knows what will happen or the repercussions from getting out of the zone. We let fear rule and win and for many reasons and because of this we never truly try, take a chance or live. Especially when it comes to love. Could it be safe to say that for all of us at some point in time it has been scary to say I love you or to ask someone we like out or to reveal our true self for fear of being judged or not good enough. Women and men  are scared of being hurt because last time they went all in and loved it was messy and it hurt so much it took a long time to heal. Who wants to go through pain again? Of course we don’t but at the same time being paralysed by fear and not taking a leap because of the past is actually robbing you of your future. When you love it comes with all sorts of other feelings like happiness, frustration, passion, disappointment, laughing, crying, special moments and stressful ones. It is a rainbow of things so why is feeling safe more enticing then feeling everything? Fear doesn’t want you to progress, it doesn’t want you to take a chance it doesn’t want you to open up and try something or feel something you have never felt or haven’t had in a long time. Fear wants you to stay stuck, old and mundane. It is a bold move to take a chance on anything in life. A new business, a new home, a new love interest. But trying will give you much more rewards and progression in life than fear ever will. Love is energy and its ok to say it. When you give it, it comes back in many forms. Most of all being happy and secure with yourself is the first step. For when you are ok with you, you don’t mind being a little uncomfortable with your life. Because whatever happens, be it success or disappointment you know you are ok. You are comfortable with being uncomfortable because your living and moving forward. Take a chance at love, take a chance on your heart.  Be proud of feeling and be willing to experiencing all the things life brings. Open yourself up to the new and to change. There is nothing to fear. Face everything and rise. Don’t let what if’s plague your mind. Change your comfort level.

  • Drone HDX
    Posted at 16:25h, 05 November

    I?m not that much of a online reader to be
    honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road.
    All the best

  • Marisa
    Posted at 03:58h, 07 November

    Thank you so much. Enjoy the reads.

    Miss M