Why Our Department Stores Are Looking Weary

Why Our Department Stores Are Looking Weary


After watching the movie Ladies In Black it cemented the already overwhelming notion that for some time  department stores in our current climate are really below par. It shows in many ways  from the moment you walk in. From the ambience, the decorum of people and it shows in their budget sheets. Constant sales upon sales leaves much to be desired in a desperate effort to entice shoppers. A bargain here and a bargain there. But what if the problem solving isn’t in more sales but in making that department store a destination to be? What if people started enjoying their shopping experience and wanted to be there more and more. Wouldn’t that increase foot traffic and make the cash registers ting?

Going back to to 50’s and 60’s shopping in a department store was a day out. It held a certain elegance and prestige to it. As per the movie mentioned as soon as the doors opened a piano man would start to play, there would be all the women dress immaculately ready to serve with a smile and with respect and the store had an opulent and elegance to it. They made you feel special and that you were a priority. Customer service was key and essential. People want an experience. Shopping should be something they remember. A feeling. You want to feel good about shopping as that is why we go and do it. Yes times have changed. With the digital world and online and DFO’s popping up it has certainly given people options and easier ways to shop. But if department stores kept a certain level of class to it and ensure that their customer service was exceptional then maybe the retail giants wouldn’t be running losses. Shopping is a personal experience. That one on one contact you have with a person is important and the way you make them feel is pivotal as this will make them wanting to come back and spend more. Offering more service and more options perhaps. Even a day centre for children whilst the mother shops in peace. Europe and America certainly have set the benchmark for shopping and we here should take heed.  Women go crazy for the shopping experiences in Europe and USA because it is nothing like the experience here. You want to feel something other than ordinary. Shopping is something that takes us away from our everyday lives so it needs to be something above and beyond. That is what will keep people coming back and spending and spreading the word.

Here at present the TLC you experience is average to poor. There are cash registers bare and a lot of staff either cant be bothered, don’t really want to be there and  don’t have customer service decorum.  I say train your staff to a quality standard first and  make it so everyone wants to go to work. Once you have that then the  rest will follow.  Give the people more than the others do. Then shopping will become more of a destination.

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