SPRING RACING IS HERE…Ladies Do’s and Dont’s

SPRING RACING IS HERE…Ladies Do’s and Dont’s





October marks the countdown to the spring racing season. Spring has set in and the flowers are all in bloom. The event season has arrived  and it is now time to ready for one of the most important weeks of the year. It is a great way to celebrate style, sport, celebrations, good weather which takes us to the count down to the end of the year. The effort and time that goes into dresses, hair and makeup, suits, flowers, marquees is what makes the spring carnival as big as it is. It’s not always about the race but what you wear and how you wear it. It is colours, how you wear your ensemble and the way you work it. Having and maintaining that je ne sais quoi at your time at the carnival is important. Black and/or black and white is the traditional colours worn on Derby Day. It is classy and elegant without a doubt. Don’t be afraid however to use a bit of colour if that is your race day of the week. Accessories with colour could be your stand out. Whether a bag, shoes, your hair piece or jewellery, allow these things to be your stand out statement piece if you want to change things up and be a little different. Who says that you can’t? It will add that wow factor to your outfit. There is nothing like a little colour to lift an outfit. Subtle if you can or one loud colour. Play around with your outfit and see. Even looking at past outfits from others can give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Spring is the very season to get colour out loud and proud. Now that the harsh winter is over and the dark colours can be phased out for a while now is the time to use those beautiful colours to match the ambience, sunshine and events. The spring racing carnival is a great way to use pastels, prints and hues that match you, your mood, your palette and the way you want to present yourself. Its one of those fashion moments that women can either get it really right or really wrong. Some women look flawless in their outfits. Some not so much. Some confuse spring racing with a nightclub that’s just held during the day. So their outfits resemble that of which would be worn at night and they use that as another reason to ‘let their hair down’ and maybe meet the man of their dreams. By the end of the day a clean dress is dirty, walking becomes stumbling and composure turns into trashy. A woman whom is able to hold herself together at such an event knows to pace her champagne. Sip slowly and always ALWAYS drink water. A woman who has made an expensive effort with her outfit and overall look will look after herself all day. Knowing that it is a long day. She will be mindful of her drinking and her eating. She will reapply her lipstick and stay hydrated. She will enjoy and have fun without the effects of drunkenness and incoherent behavior.

Some women need to follow directions of tanning lotions properly. If you cant get in for a spray tan and are attempting a DIY then read and prepare wisely. You want to look like you have just come back from a week in Tahiti not like Donald Trump’s face. Even the most powerful man in the world can’t get tanning right.  Prepare in advance. Look after your skin and book ahead go to a beautician you trust to give you that perfect sun kissed glow. Without a doubt every year someone looks like a baked tart not like a sexy amazon they hoped to be.

Colours and prints work well. If your colour is loud then downplay your accessories. If it’s a soft tone like a pastel then let your hat, bag or jewellery give you’re your statement ‘wow’. You want your accessories to complement not overshadow. It is all about class and airs and graces. The most important thing is to keep band aids and soft gel cushions at hand for your shoes. It’s so important to be able to sustain the day in your heels which proves challenging for women. Maybe a mid high heel. So it still gives you height but can also give you some sort of comfort for a while. If you can and your bag permits keep some pocket ballet flats in there for the ride home. Your feet will thank you!

This is a very exciting period for us ladies to frock up. You can rock class and fun easily when you know how to work it.

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