Styling For You…Setting Your Own Trends

Styling For You…Setting Your Own Trends


The umbrella of fashion is a vast one. There are so many amazing designers around the world, established and emerging, that have their own keen eye and vision and have the ability to turn a concept and a dream into a reality. Designers are creators. It is talent at an elevated level. Not everyone can stitch, sew, design and make material into a work of art. It takes skill, time, intricate labour and love. Some have a flair and a good eye for colour, for mixing and placing one piece of clothing with another. Some are daring some are conservative and some bold. It all depends on the person. Their perception, their ideas and way of being. What is a trend? Who sets them? Is it a designer who makes a creation then the creation has a following? Slowly slowly you see the fashion savvy and a well known identity  wear a particular item in a particular way then that sets the wheels in motion. Yes that does have a lot to do with it. It is the way of being in that moment. What is old can most definitely be new again and vise versa. It is moving with the times. It is pushing the boundaries as creators and as muses. Trends set the benchmark. Magazines showcase the latest creations of designers. Monthly the world over designers show us what is currently out and what people can find in stores and boutiques. What is new and what women and men want and should have. Fashion bibles like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar have for many many years shown us how fashion is not only part of our personas but instrumental in directing us to what is currently out there, up and coming and what designers have dreamed up for us to see. It is a start point into how you would like to dress, what may suit you, how to wear it and what to do. It is important to take it as a starter. You can set your own styling too.

What does fashion mean to you? How does the way your dress show how you feel? How you dress can say so much to that out there. Especially living in an image based society how you dress and project says a lot. Its about being comfortable in your own skin and your own self image. Set yourself a trend. Use fashion magazines as a guide and try giving some mixing and matching a go. See what suits and looks good. Try colour or try a style you haven’t before. Setting your own way of being fashionable is a way your speaking to yourself and those who see you and are around you. You are effectively telling a story. Be playful, be daring, be open. Let fashion work for you. Let clothes, colours and accessories tell your story. It is only be trying several different things that you come to see what really works for you and what doesn’t. What textures feel good and what don’t. What doesn’t flatter your body and what does. Once you find your basics then its from there you can really build from and create a style and image and a story. Its great to have a bit of everything in your wardrobe. Having too much of one thing or one style is monotonous and over done. Have different things for different occasions. Variety is key. Always.

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