What Are You Waiting For?…

What Are You Waiting For?…

We all know that life can change in a fleeting moment. That doors open and close and time just goes by so fast. Life is moving at a fast rate and one minutes its summer holidays the next minute its June then the next minute we have Christmas decorations out again.  One persons last breath is one little life’s first. One persons goodbye is another persons  hello. Generally when life deals us a blow or we see something tragic on the news it really reminds us of how precious life really is and how fleeting. Things can change so quickly. Sometimes we are so paralyzed by  fear that we never try and never discover. The unknown or outcome of what it may be scares us. Therefor we are ruled by fear and we never truly live. If you have a dream or an idea live  it. If you want to do something new do it.

If you love someone tell them. If you want to speak to someone then call them. If you want to grow your business do it. What are you waiting for?…. We only get one shot at being on this earth so why not make it every bit as exciting, challenging and rewarding as you can. The pitfalls that are there are like  guides and we do definitely get tested. But it is all part of life. The tapestry of life.  We get so caught up in the race of life and we forget what is truly important. Do do what makes you  happy. We cant afford not to be happy. It is important to plant the seeds of your life and do the things that really matter and drive you. That bring the best to you and in you. Taking chances and having a leap of faith is really important because if we don’t we will never really see whats on the other side. There would be no results and life would be  very stagnant. You cant always play it safe. You have to live.  That is how we grow, learn, evolve and be as beings.

Different strokes for different folks as they say. Find what makes you happy. Do the things you love and be with the people that lift you up. Life is too short not to. Learn from the hurt and grow from pain. Pain is actually a feeling that turns into strength and courage. It isn’t how many times you get knocked down but its how you rise. Vulnerability is something that a lot of us fear. It is a button not all of us like to push. As vulnerability opens us up, leaves us raw and exposed. It is a risk for some. But if you stay closed and never allow your true self to be then you are denying yourself and stopping yourself from being you and allowing others to see the real you. Some are so concerned about what others think and say. Being judged is one of the most difficult steps to overcome. Deep down some of us are scared of what people and peers and family and friends would say. So they don’t do or be what the want to be. So in essence, they aren’t living their true self. Take that step,   say what needs to be said. Do what you really desire to do. Life is too fleeting not to. Sometimes we get a few chances. But sometimes opportunities only come around ever so often. Don’t live with regret that you never took the chance. What are you waiting for?….. You could just be one step away form something really amazing.

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