Its Not You, Its Me.

Its Not You, Its Me.





ITS NOT YOU ….ITS ME….Some would say ‘if i had a dollar every time i have heard that.’ It sounds like an excuse. A cop out so that guy can get out without really explaining how he feels and what is actually going on. I have heard many times that men don’t do well with emotions. When someone is trying to let you down gently and you hear these words being uttered by the very mouth that said i am ‘into you’ how can you not take it personally? The actual thing is to Not take it personally. There could be a number of reason’s why it is being said to you. If a shift in perception can take place instead of trying to pull apart every fragment and detail of what and how it went wrong, one may find themselves standing in a different point of view and feeling…well, ok about it. See, you don’t know what is going on in someone’s self. What is inside them and what they are going through emotionally and mentally. There could be many reasons why they aren’t ready to be with you or cant take it a step further or not have the same intense feelings you have. It doesn’t always mean they have found someone else. That is why, as hard as it may be because you already have emotionally invested, you cant take it personally. It isn’t you. It is HIM. That could very well be the truth. Even if it is all going well and you are connected and are having a great time together and you mesh etc etc. Even after things seem to progress and you get the Its not you it’s me then it could actually means just that. It’s just a way of being polite without having to get into all the emotional stuff. The explaining, the closure. If a guy is ready he is ready. If he isn’t, then he isn’t. You want to be with someone who is. Not hang on to someone who isn’t. You deserve the same level of commitment, passion and wants. You don’t want excuses. When you hear this let down see it as something that he needs to sort out. Whatever stage he is in his life. So it actually isn’t you. But him. Timing is everything. Right person at the wrong time or not the right person at the right time. Its part of life’s ebbs and flows. Don’t take it personally. It is not a reflection of you and who you are. It is just what the other person is feeling. It is not a rejection but a quick exit for someone who is freeing up space for the right person at the right time. That sounds like a plan i think. Nothing like divine timing. Amen.

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