Who Run The World – Girls

Who Run The World – Girls


Five magical words uttered by the Queen of B’s herself. Beyoncé. It has such a strong force behind it in many ways. In t0day’s times as the Weinstein effect has ushered in a change in behavior for men and in women, it is like  girl power has once again made it mark. In reality it has never left.  Women are strong capable beings and we stand for a lot. This topic  runeth over on the summer break where five  professional adult single women gathered over a  seafood feast chatting about anything and everything. Where were the men? There they were five  beautiful intelligent women who found themselves single at the same . It was quite a momentous moment. The start of a new year and all the hopes and wants for the year.  Putting aside the relationships past ready to start a new. Were they ready to conquer? Absolutely. Man or not. It was quite a day for girl power. In the end the consensuses was unanimous.  It didn’t matter at that point in time what they had gone through and how disappointment and heartbreak had done to them but it was how they arose, grew, rebuilt and kept going. It wasn’t personal, it was just life.

When you get to the point where you see the men that haven’t called back, stayed true to their word, lied, ghosted as impersonal then it free’s you up to move on to better things. Things that make you happy, things you deserve, positive good experiences and honoring yourself. Things are how they are. You can only change your response and feelings you cant change external things that you cant control. Women hold the power in their thinking, their being and in their soul. Women are incredible beings. Just ask Oprah and her award speech that has gone viral. She said it for the sisters. Amen Amen Amen.

The level of gratitude and blessing that was among that seafood buffet around those women was amazing. Their cups half full not half empty. They will continue to be strong, beautiful, independent and intelligent women. Who run the world?……they do, without a doubt.

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