New Year Resolution For the Single Gal

New Year Resolution For the Single Gal


Well, here we are again. The start of a new year. Some of you may be nursing a hang over, some of you are still partying or some of you are spending quality time just relaxing, taking it all in and thinking about just what will be in stall for you for the next 365 days. The unknown can be a little daunting. What will unravel and manifest for us? What are my goals and what do i want to happen this year? Some have an idea and for some it is far too early. Maybe wait till the alcohol wears off. Resolution 1: Will i find Mr Right?

Am i going to learn from last years past mistakes and attract a man not a douche bag? The answer is always yes. However, what occurrences take shape and what we get ourselves into remains to be seen. The thought of not attracting a douche sounds so wonderful and liberating. Could this be the year that we singletons finally get it right? We have to go through it and see for ourselves i guess. Lets hope so. It has been said the world over that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince. Well lets hope the prince knows how to pick up the phone and ask a girl out on a date. How something so simple has become so extinct. Repeat after me- I will delete all douche like specimens from my phone leaving room for the right man or person’s to enter my life. I will not be attached to who sms’d last or who said what or even the outcome. Timing is in the hands of the God’s. So God’s could you please let 2018 be the year we get it right. To text or not to text? That is the question.

Resolution number 2: Getting fit, getting rid of bad habits and feel fabulous.

We all want to feel good. Sometime we look at others and compare. What we need to remember is that we are all unique individuals with a purpose and a gift. We are not here to compare ourselves to anyone. Being fit and having good health is paramount for a good life. The inner you need to be sorted before it shows on the outer. Do the things you love, enjoy and be determined and disciplined as much as you can. 80/20 is a pretty good way to be. Life has to be lived. Imagine not knowing what it feels like to never eat Tiramisu or what sticky ribs taste like. Moderation. Enjoy girlfriend! You can go to the gym tomorrow. Ease off any habits that you know aren’t that great but you do it anyhow. Some can go cold turkey some can’t. If only you can quit a guy like you can quit the cig’s  or carbs. How good would that be! When you invest in yourself it shows. You are confident, happy and have a zest for life.

Resolution 3:

Be happy and do whatever you like. Do not sweat the small stuff. Life is to be lived. Explore unknown territory, take a class you have always wanted to do. Take the trip you have always wanted. Live the freedom you have. If you want to say how you feel to someone say it. Say it, mean it and don’t look back. For what is meant for you will always find it way back to you. It cant miss. Enjoy 2018. Learn, make mistakes, be ok with you and just go with the flow.   Amen xx


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  • Marisa
    Posted at 03:24h, 15 March

    Thank you for your lovely message. Much appreciate it. Enjoy the reads.
    Miss M