Is He The One?….

Is He The One?….



Many of us have heard the words ‘you will know when he is the one’. Some of us have had these words echo through us many  times. It can seem frustrating to a point, especially if at the time your dating life is a  hit and miss. Hearing that can put you either in a dull mood or could give hope to your soul. Depending on what’s going on with you. Sifting through a news feed one day I came across my favourite comedian and talk show man Steve Harvey. This man is not only funny but inspirational, encouraging and speaks with such strength. I always come out feeling good when I watch him or hear him speak.

A woman on his show asked him how do you know when he is the guy? When he is the one?. Steve replied ” When he isn’t with you he cant breath without you”. “When you are away, he cant do well wthout you”. This blew me away. Its not about us ( we women). Its about them ( the guy). You know how you feel. Because you feel it. But if he feels that and you get to the point where he cant breath without you then that is it. He keeps in touch, he thinks about you and what you are doing. When you have no doubt in your mind that’s when its right.

I had to listen to this a few times. It never dawned on me that its not about us. Its about the guy. To see it from this perspective has really cast a big light on the whole Love thing. There is no doubt in my mind that the cosmos, universal law, higher power  does this for us. Making sure that the right time and the right circumstance brings this kind of force together. Maybe its has to be felt in order to explain or maybe you just cant explain it, you just know.  What a wonderful feeling. It is a nice sentiment knowing that somewhere out there someone is wondering about you, yearning for you and cant breath without you and In turn, you are doing the same. It is wonderful knowing that this kind of magic can happen and does. Its another way of knowing and having no doubt that what is meant for you will come to you. Thank you Steve Harvey.

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