Fashion Hits and Misses

Fashion Hits and Misses





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So exactly what are the key factors when choosing a frock for a ball? Is it comfort? Is it the look? Does someone help you with an idea, convince you that you look good? Do you go for the colour? There are various factors that contribute to a woman choosing a gown for an important event. Especially knowing that there are lots of photos to be taken and lots of people looking and most likely commenting. So how does one try and avoid a faux pas? Or what happens when you do make one and how to come through that so you never do that again. A fashion faux pas is something that you wear that either doesn’t suit you, doesn’t flatter you and is basically, well…wrong all together. Either a style mismatch or a colour mismatch or you are showing way too much and leaving very little to the imagination.

Maybe for a club yes, but a gala ball, no. It comes down to individual tastes and how one feels in the garment. This overrides possibly making the best choices. You, after all, have the final say. Mirrors don’t lie so we hear. But maybe for some outfits its not so much the mirror that lies but we lie to ourselves and convince ourselves that it looks good when I actually doesn’t. At some stage in some way we have all made not the best decisions when it comes to an outfit or wearing a dress to a high end event. It happens. So when you do make a faux pas in fashion the main thing is to learn from it and never repeat the outfit again. Get a really good friend that tells you the truth and if you can, a friend who has a good understanding of body shape, colour schemes and how to accentuate what parts of the body and what ones to hide. It isn’t rocket science if you know how it all works. If you have curves, work them. If you have great pins ( legs) a nice elegant split just above the knee. Try a few things and see what works for you. Practise, experiment. Know what you are comfortable in wearing, what you want to accentuate and flaunt or how you want to feel. Confidence plays a big part in how and what you wear. So if you do a faux pas the next outfits you wear are crucial in getting right so you can erase your little mistake from you mind, and the minds of others and show that you know how to frock up and work it. It projects your image and the energy about you.   Faux pas are a part of the fashion journey. It allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t and how it makes you feel. Which is one of the most  important aspects. Making one is forgivable but when you start to keep making them , there is nothing like a style makeover from a professional to help kick start you in the right direction in how you project yourself, how you present yourself, your confidence in putting an outfit together and how it all works. Investing in styling is something that will pay off in droves. Not only will you feel good, you attract attention and give off the right energy you want.

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