The ‘Hey’ Guy….

The ‘Hey’ Guy….




It is somewhat amusing when you first meet a guy. For a moment in that instance you wonder how the conversation is going to go, how his body language is going to express itself and if he might float your boat. So just say the beginning is looking pretty good. Then the morning after arrives and you see a text already on your phone. Eager you might say. But sweet never the less. Its the following messages and what he doesn’t do that baffles you. You shake your head in disbelief that a man in his early 40’s can’t grasp the basic skill of communication. When a guy says he is interstate this week and then lets you know he will ‘call you’ when he gets back you think ok, when he calls he calls. Not making too much out of it but you have been advised that a call will be made. But when one week turns into two and he starts his messages with ‘Hey’ and the call isn’t happening…you know, yet again you have hit the ‘ I’m a guy, who’s not quite a man, i like you but i just don’t know how to behave and i just don’t know the basic principals of communicating with a lady’. Great. Another one bites the dust. How can it be that a guy at a certain age gets to the point where he is texting ‘Hey’. When there was no response and 3 hours later he says it again. ‘HEY’. Now if you get no response you would kind of get the hint. A few days later again. ‘HEY’. Maybe it was third time lucky but it took three no responses to get the hint. Really the penny should drop the first time. So how do some men loose the midas touch when it comes down to the basic principals. Maybe they think that is how its done. Maybe they are used to other girls who would respond to ‘Hey’. Or maybe they just don’t have a clue. Perhaps ‘Hey’ guy needs to realise that horses eat ‘hey’ and that is no way to address a woman.  Maybe Mr Hey needs to speak to a man who know’s how its done. Its never to late to drop the boy and become a man…..Hey….

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