Winter Wonerland

Winter Wonerland

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So its cold out and your level of enthusiasm is a little low. Sometimes going out to get air or  finding something to do it not even really an option. It may be a wine, your pj’s and Netflix that do the job for you. I say, whatever takes your fancy. Winter can be a time to hibernate and stay inside or , depending on what you want to do to get you through the colder months, could be a winter wonderland.  Activities in winter do matter. It keeps you motivated and active. There may be days you are and days you aren’t. There are places to go, like the theatre, gallery exhibitions, movies, cosy dinners at restaurants, trips to the snow. There is always something to do during winter. Plan a trip, get fit for the summer months ahead. Wineries and winter getaways are a wonderful excuse to break the harshness and the monotony of winter. Winter is a time for hearty soups and stews. Red wine and indulgent comfort food to keep you warm. It is the leaves that go amber then a fiery red. Beauty is literally everywhere you walk. Gardens and leafy streets become picturesque and capture the true essence of winter. Warm earthy colours. There is true beauty with winter. We retreat and do things that bring us comfort. We make plans and asses what we want to do for the summer. We enjoy the lazy cold weekends where we get the luxury of sleeping in. Winter can be a wonderland internally and externally for us. Closing yourself in and laying low isn’t a bad thing. We all need time out from the world. Lots of people use winter to do that. Its like a change of season can change the mood, the ambience and how you feel.

Use winter to make it a wonderland for yourself. Not just your inner  world but your outer too.

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