In a world where we can get anything at anytime and its a lot to do with how we look, what we wear and having the latest ‘IT’ thing, it is understandable that our perception of ourselves, how we are and how we want to be has become a little distorted. We are all different and made differently. So what defines beauty?

The answer to that depends on the person, their views, values, ideas and how they feel emotionally, mentally and physically. What place are you in right now in your life? How do you feel? The beauty industry is now a mass market of anti cellulite, anti wrinkle, anti age, anything that has got to do with youth and the insatiable quest to look younger and to stop our biology from changing. It seems to be the holy grail for many. Beauty isn’t just at face value. It goes much deeper than that. It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What one person see’s isn’t the same as another. So why cant we see ourselves with the same view? If we are the beholder then why cant we look within ourselves and see the same  beauty that someone else see’s in us? Perception is the key master. Beauty is not only our outer realm but it is also our values, beliefs and how we feel about our own being. Beauty is personal. If you look away from the glossy magazines that glorify a perception of beauty and what perfection should look like, then you can look at yourself without the judgement and you celebrate your uniqueness, your style, your being. You are in competition with no one. Beauty is much more an inside job than an outer. Respect your body, your skin your health. The only person you need validation from is yourself. Don’t use magazines as a benchmark for a standard of beauty. Its just a perception. Face lines tell a story. Your journey. Don’t hate aging. Let it be part of your story. You can get rid of them for sure. But you cant erase time and stop time. Embrace your beauty however it may be. It is amazing how a shift in perception can do wonders for your inner self, thus your outer beauty.

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