We all know how hard it is. For some it can just be like a flick of a switch, somewhat effortless. But for a lot of us it certainly doesn’t feel that way. One of the hardest things we face is that of letting go to emotional attachment, feelings and the prospect of not being with the one you have thought of being with. Its the time and space which serves well. Time to re think, re asses and start a new slowly step by step. But what happens when you see them? When you are out in the public domain and he/she walks by?….Does your heart skip a beat, does it race and then your mouth clams up and drys out? What about the overwhelming feeling that sits in the pit of your stomach whilst your emotions say to your logic…What if? Even if much time has gone past. Do you even really let go?

It is never easy seeing the person for the first time or maybe a few times after. It is the process of the letting go that can be hard. Your logic knows the reason why and it was the best thing for you. But it does not make it easy. Especially when seeing them gives you flashbacks and sleepless nights.  Are there still things you want to say or wish you could have said. Is it all too late? We all have had to let go of something. As we go through life you learn that it comes with the territory. People come in and also come out. We are happy when they come in and sad when they come out. One of the things that may be helpful in letting go is having faith that things will turn out the way they are supposed to. That your path is leading you on the journey for reasons you wont know until you are there. So don’t be sad with you bump into a former flame. Even when emotions are still high. Just focus on the good that person brought you and send them love anyway. Even if they don’t give you the time of day. For its your feeling and reaction that counts. Send love instead. It feels better. Smile because it happened, not because it ended. It happened for you so you could experience it. Seeing it from this perspective helps you feel better and maybe, just maybe help you let go just that little bit gentler. You know you have to. One day at a time.

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