What is it about these two words that bond and stick? Fashion for a century has been a part of the tapestry of our life. It evolves, enriches and makes us feel good. It is adaptable and always changing.

We don’t mind fashions trends. We follow them. Some of us don’t like change. We are creatures of habit. But when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t take long for us to get the latest IT bag or jacket or colour scheme. We just do. Its the process of shopping that gives us that pleasure state. That sense of accomplishment. What better way to accompany this then with your friends. Women the world over not only enjoy a spot of shopping but use this ritual to talk, talk and talk more. Drink coffee, eat and try on everything they can. Its an entire days worth of cardio, connection, raised dopamine levels and the sense of achievement for getting what you wanted to buy and more. There is nothing more enjoyable than shopping and friends. The two marry well together and that sense of connecting and doing something you love brings only feel good vibes to you. Rain hail or shine this activity is a staple in women’s lives and has been for some time. It always will be. Some wonder how women can talk and shop and talk more and shop more for hours on end. We just do. Time passes when you are busy doing multiple things. Something most guys wont understand. Its not just the doing its the feeling and what shopping and friends can do for you. It is a staple embedded in social culture. It is like our mobile phones these days. We’d be lost without it. Same goes with shopping and with friends. The saying goes you cant get by without a little help from your friends. This can be true of shopping as well. So the next time you are thinking of a great girls day out. Why not mix your favorite activity  (shopping) with your besties. That way you know for sure you will be in bliss.

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