The Excitement of a New Romance

The Excitement of a New Romance


We all know the feeling. The butterflies , the sighs, the day dreaming and the smile on our faces when we think of that person. Why its harder to fall asleep at night because we think of them. Why we cant wait to see them again. Why a misunderstanding hurts and why we are sad when they are gone. Its all the feelings of the beginning of a blooming romance. Its scary yet wonderful at the same time. All the chemical reactions that happen inside and we are at a loss to control it. Why even the sight of someone else doesn’t really compare to the one you have in your sights. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The feeling of being a love sick teenage comes out of you and you do feel 18 again. Where for a moment you are care free and can be reckless and irresponsible. Where you do want to ride like the wind and see where this could take you.

Why does the start of a romance make us feel that rush, that adrenaline and excitement? Its a nice place to be in. Its like you can rule the world and you have the world at your feet. Where your heart is open and receptive to life, love, feeling and the moment. Its important not to get too carried away but at the same time allow yourself to feel the moment that you are in, enjoy it and go with flow. Its obviously happening for a reason.  The throws of romance can bring us to our knees or literally to our shoes. Its important to live it, embrace it, whatever it brings or whatever it leads to, for it may unlock something within you that you never knew was there and it could take you to somewhere amazing.

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