When He Is Just Not That Into You….

When He Is Just Not That Into You….

home_banner-minThe words that we fear of hearing. The sentence that makes us want to cringe at the thought. What happens when you connect and YOU feel and YOU like a lot, and here is the drum roll… but he doesn’t?

At some stage we have all been there but doesn’t mean it is easy. Girls chat about this kind of situations over a bottle of wine many times over but what can we do to make us feel a little better about it and be open to other opportunities.

Please don’t take it personally. It may just be that he is not at the right space or time or feels that he wont fit with you.  You may not be on the same page in his eyes. Wouldn’t you rather know now than be with him and invest your time and deep feelings and then he says he cant.

Always think of the great things about you and what you can and do offer. Immerse yourself in the things you love the most. It may be sport, shopping, movies, painting, volunteering. Celebrate you and the things you love.

Never try to convince, force or push the situation on him.  Its not real if its forced or him staying with you because he feels bad. If a man wants you nothing will stop him. If he doesn’t, nothing you do will make him want to stay.

Be open to meeting new people. Never close yourself off and be discouraged. There is a purpose to all we meet. So next time someone ‘ Isn’t That Into You’, have your moment of disappointment but always remember you just don’t know who is around the corner. That guys no could be the next guys yes.

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