The Pains Of Unrequited Love

The Pains Of Unrequited Love

Shakespeare once wrote ” Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares”. Who would have thought all those centuries ago that the man had got it right. How did he know. I guess he didn’t become one of the greatest living literate for nothing. He was gifted. It may be safe to say that many of us have succumbed to this type of love at some form or another in our life. The sheer agony and all the pains that go with the one sided love. Love that isn’t reciprocated or returned. Some say its better to have loved than not at all. Really? But like leaving coffee on the bench or soup on your plate, its going to get cold real soon. Who wants Gazpacho or Frappe’ on a winters day? So how do we get over that pain, distraction and the anxiety and heartbreak of wanting someone who doesn’t want you? Keep yourself occupied with all the good things that are in your life. Create and invest in them. Accept and believe that it may be for the greater good even though you don’t understand it now. Don’t wallow in romantic comedies. They will just make you feel worse and believe in fantasy. The Prince doesn’t always find the glass slipper. Get on with it. Be with the people who love you and bring the best out of you. Laugh Laugh Laugh. It truly is the best medicine. REMEMBER : There is nothing wrong with you. We tend to take it sooooo personally when this happens. Heartbreak does hurt and rejection makes us angry and feel unworthy but when the clouds clear it can actually be the most wonderful time for growth and transformation. Unrequited Love doesn’t conquer all but when the right one comes along you will understand why it never was to work with anyone else.

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