Women Of Style

Embrace your uniqueness then go from there. Clothes and style are an extension of you is the ethos of this book and what author lives by. This book is for lovers of fashion, history, and culture. It immerses the reader in the fascination of fashion from times gone by, the history of women and style, the beauties of the golden era who became icons and trailblazers for the style of the modern age. It unearths the innovative designers who bring life to fashion and trends, and continue to be pioneers in creation. Take this journey as you flip thought the pages where fashion through time connects the past and the present, providing a bit of luxury within the pages. Makes for a wonderful addition to a collection of books on style. One that you can reflect and learn from when understanding just how important the craftsmanship of designing is, how deep in history it goes and the influence it has on culture, even today.


The Stiletto Woman

Ladies, are you ready to up your dating game? Well pour yourself a drink and have a good read of this. Navigating today’s dating scene can be confusing. That’s why you need a good wing woman to go with your good shoes. In The Stiletto Woman Marisa tells it like it is and gives you the support and girly pep talk you need to blaze your way through the jungle of social pressure, heartache and loss, confusing relationship and dating dynamics and even fashion conundrums. If you are struggling to find meaningful connections in today’s dating world and even meaning of yourself and finding who you are and what you want, you are not alone. Women all over the world sympathise with your struggle. Using one part common sense, two parts transparency and a dollop of good humour and empathy, Marisa shares lessons from her experiences and others to help you transform self- doubts into Self- Empowerment. Take control of you love life and find your happiness by rediscovering the beautiful woman that is you.

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Once Bitten Twice Shy

ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY is a witty yet poignant tale of Maxine. A professional 30 something gal that seems to have her life in order when all of a sudden she finds herself suddenly single and facing the dole queue. Her best friend Laura on the other hand appears to have it all and Maxine looks up to her and aspires to be like her friend. With her life crumbling infront of her eyes it has left Maxine baffled. What she thought and what she had assumed she knew about life, men and love comes to a complete and utter stop. Her friends support her along the way on her quest to understand life, love and what happens when love doesn’t always turn out the way you hoped for.

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Marisa is a writer, blogger and a published author. Having been in the corporate orbit for some time she always had her creative side that she rarely expressed, until the ‘30 – something life crisis’ gave her the drive to put pen to paper. Her latest instalment called The Stiletto Woman is a about empowerment when faced with adversity in love, dating and life in general. How do you reignite your inner spark, confidence and be the you that you want to be?
It’s something she felt was important to write about as we are always faced with something in life that can challenge us, make us feel less than and gets us into negative thinking. Like many girls about town she has experienced some great and no so great dates and ‘situationships’ with men. Having heard many stories over bottles of wine and cocktails with friends she discovered that we all had a lot in common when it came to men and love. We bond over it, talk about it and support one another over it. It’s a never ending hot topic of conversation.  Marisa enjoys fashion, cooking, socialising and connecting with people. She is also very much a ‘stiletto woman’.